We're Here to Help You Be Your Own Salesforce Hero

Technopath is a specialized Salesforce consulting and training company.
We are firm believers in giving back to the community and our primary goal is helping nonprofits move their mission forward through technology.

Why We're Different

We are pioneering a new way to do Salesforce consulting. We have created standard packages with transparent, competitive pricing so you don’t have to guess what a project will cost or worry that your project costs will balloon exponentially.

Our founder comes from the nonprofit world and knows first-hand that nonprofits operate on tight budgets. Having to chase down multiple vendors for quotes only to find their prices are far beyond what you had anticipated is a waste of your precious time.

If you don’t see a package that directly lines up with what you have in mind, we offer bespoke package creations to suit many budgets.

Our Services

Our services cover three key areas that make any constituent and volunteer tracking system a success, and improve your staff’s technical ability. You know who your community members are and how to serve them, we’re here to take away the technology overwhelm.

Our Managed Packages

Basic -

Admin for a day -

On-Call Assistance -

Admin Assist +

Hourly Support Requests

Create your own

Our Training Packages

User Training Basic -

User Training Custom -

Focus areas can include:  

– Reports and Dashboards

  • – Email integration, 
  • – Basic navigation of Salesforce

We will cover all topics from basic training, your answers will determine what percentage of time each area receives in the training

Admin Training Basic -

Understanding of Concepts in User Training

Admin Training Advanced -

Everything in the Admin
Training Package PLUS: 


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