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Technopath is a specialized Salesforce consulting and training company.
We are firm believers in giving back to the community and our primary goal is helping nonprofits move their mission forward through technology.

Our Services

Our services cover three key areas that make any constituent and volunteer tracking system a success, and improve your staff’s technical ability. You know who your community members are and how to serve them, we’re here to take away the technology overwhelm.

Our Managed Packages

Basic Support Package


Grow what you have

  • 2 one-on-one hour long meetings a month (troubleshooting, mentoring, training)
  • 2 hours of customization a month based on the one-on-one meeting (custom fields, reports simple automation)

Admin for a Day


Concentrated Assistance

  • Get all of your pain points addressed and fixed in one day a month.
  • Your dedicated admin will talk to you about your requirements in the morning, work on them throughout the day, and hop on a call with you to review changes and improvements.

On-Call Assistance


Timely Support

  • Upkeep your current system by having a go to request source for reports, custom fields, automations, and email templates. With an initial response time of 1-2 hours if submitted between 6am PT to 5pm PT Monday through Friday.
  • 1 Emergency Call per Quarter in off hours included.

Admin Assist+


Premium Assistance

  • 2 Admin for a day packages a month
  • On-call Assistance

Hourly Support Requests


Premium Assistance

  • Email Support
  • Phone/Zoom support if deemed necessary by Technopath

Create Your Own Package


Custom Built

  • Have a different idea of how you need help?
  • We can come up with a package that fits your needs.

Not sure which managed service package is right for you?​

Basic -

Admin for a day -

On-Call Assistance -

Admin Assist +

Hourly Support Requests

Create your own

Our Training Packages

User Training Basic -

User Training Custom -

Focus areas can include:  

– Reports and Dashboards

  • – Email integration, 
  • – Basic navigation of Salesforce

We will cover all topics from basic training, your answers will determine what percentage of time each area receives in the training

Admin Training Basic -

Understanding of Concepts in User Training

Admin Training Advanced -

Everything in the Admin
Training Package PLUS: 


Not sure which managed service package is right for you?​

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