Our vision is to create a space where individuals and nonprofits can leverage technological and strategic resources to better themselves and their communities.

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What’s a Technopath?

Dictionary definition:

A person with techno-telepathic ability, capable of reading the electrical signals of devices, such as computers, around them.

Our definition:

A person capable of learning new technologies and using that new knowledge to change themselves and their community.

Nonprofit Tech Consulting

Nonprofit Tech Consulting

Make communities better faster with specialized Salesforce administration services for nonprofits. With rapid implementation, ongoing support and customized solutions, you can maximize the effectiveness of your nonprofit for a fraction of the price.

Apprenticeship Program

At Technopath, we understand that getting your Salesforce certification is only the first step towards a successful career.

That’s why we offer our graduates the opportunity to join us and work on our consulting projects.

Apprenticeship Training
Salesforce Training

Salesforce Training

Join our academy and start your journey to your Salesforce career. Every graduate of our training program who passes the Salesforce Administrator certification the first time around will receive a $100 refund! If you fail, we will pay the $100 re-take fee and you can take the class again for free. Due to COVID-19, our classes will be delivered online. Technopath Academy will be active by the end of May 2020.

Pro-bono Consulting

For nonprofits with budgets below $250,000, Technopath offers probono services. To do this we match experienced Salesforce professionals with nonprofits that have expressed interest.

Please apply below to participate.

Pro-bono Consulting


Do you feel the drive to help communities? Do you consider yourself a Salesforce expert? Join our team of professional Salesforce volunteers!

Free Resources

At Technopath, we believe everyone has the right to learn and improve themselves. That’s why we’ve gathered useful online resources, tips, and tricks for helping you get your Salesforce certification and link to helpful communities – all for free.

Pass and apply for our apprenticeship program!