Trailhead is Salesforce’s free learning system

Trailhead is Salesforce’s free learning system. It is a GREAT way to get to know the platform. If you are a self-studier and want to learn Salesforce it is an ideal option. Plus you get badges and points! Once you get your certification you can add that to your profile and put a link to your trailhead profile to potential employers. It is sort of a transcript of sorts in your Salesforce education.


What we love about it Salesforce Trailhead:

Salesforce is amazing at teaching you about their product and being able to do projects and challenges is a great way to learn.

You can connect to the Trailhead community and connect with others in the Salesforce Ohana.

Where we find roadblocks for some:

#1 Lots of reading. Includes videos and easy to read text, but If you have trouble reading, it may difficult to do this for hours.

#2 Getting stuck on challenges. We have found that sometimes think they have done every step in a puzzle over and over and can’t figure out what they aren’t getting it right.  Salesforce does a great job of giving you hints, but for newbies it can cause some to give up.

How to unstick the roadblocks:

#1 Download a speech to text extension. For those with reading difficulties and learning disabilities using a text to speech chrome extension can really help get through the badges.

#2 Check YouTube.  YouTube has solutions to some of the earlier challenges, you may see the step you missed.

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