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Salesforce Training…  Delivered Online!

Are you looking to become a Salesforce specialist?

Technopath Academy online is perfect for Salesforce Administrator Training.

Courses will be online lectured followed by weekly study group sessions where we will review assignments, answer questions, and participate in kahoot quizzes.

Our face-to-face Salesforce academy will resume in 2021 due to the coronavirus.

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Salesforce Certification

Upon completing the Technopath’s course, you are eligible to take the Salesforce certification exam.

Once you have successfully graduated, Technopath will not only refund $100 of your course fees*, but also provide you with the opportunity to apply as an apprentice on one of our nonprofit technology consulting projects!

*Attendees will have to fulfill the terms and conditions to be eligible for this refund including course attendance and registering for the exam by the end of the first week of the course.

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Next Class: February 15th – June 1st, Virtual

Early Bird: $399 (sign up date TBA)

Standard Price: $499

(Salesforce exam cost not included in course fee- $200 – with possibility of $100 refund on course fee)

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Course Overview :

As a Salesforce Administrator, you need to know how to set up new users and ensure they have access to the data they need. You also need to know how to import data from external systems, automate business processes, and create reports and dashboards to analyze real-time data. In this track, we’ll go through the fundamentals of the Salesforce platform so you can make the move to a career in Salesforce.


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Specific Learning Outcomes :

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply best practices to become a highly-skilled Administrator.
  • Customize your application, including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes.
  • Create a secure Salesforce environment.
  • Create reports and dashboards.
  • Work with others to troubleshoot within an instance
  • Gain knowledge to move to next project-based course

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II. Course Materials 

Required Supplemental Materials :

Technopath Workbook
Focus on Force – Admin Study Guide
Focus on Force – 5 practice exams
Trailhead: Administrator Certification Prep Modules


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III. Format and Procedures:

This course follows the EDGE method – explain, demonstrate, guide, and enable. We will explain a concept, demonstrate it in a real-world application, guide you through doing it yourself, and then enable you to complete an activity as an assignment.

You will be working in your own Salesforce org throughout the class.  We will provide logins to two fictional companies, one for-profit and one nonprofit.  We will also provide coupons for your to sign up for Focus on Force Study Guide and Practice exams, which are included in your course fee. 

The course will be offered with live presentations and study sessions.  These sessions will be recorded but there is an attendance policy to be eligible for our refund program.

A word about our refund program:

You need to attend study sessions over the web in real-time. You can get the recording if you need to review it. Just like any school you can have absences. We get it, life happens. We encourage you to attend all lessons in real-time. Why? BECAUSE we want you to pass. You could buy the course material and then never study it, get off track, etc. We are not going to let you do that!

If you do not follow the class attendance policy, you will not be eligible for the $100 refund for passing the class.

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