Basic Support Package


Grow what you have

  • 2 one-on-one hour long meetings a month (troubleshooting, mentoring, training)
  • 2 hours of customization a month based on the one-on-one meeting (custom fields, reports simple automation)

Admin for a Day


Concentrated Assistance

  • Get all of your pain points addressed and fixed in one day a month.
  • Your dedicated admin will talk to you about your requirements in the morning, work on them throughout the day, and hop on a call with you to review changes and improvements.

On-Call Assistance


Timely Support

  • Upkeep your current system by having a go to request source for reports, custom fields, automations, and email templates. With an initial response time of 1-2 hours if submitted between 6am PT to 5pm PT Monday through Friday.
  • 1 Emergency Call per Quarter in off hours included.

Admin Assist+


Premium Assistance

  • 2 Admin for a day packages a month
  • On-call Assistance

Hourly Support Requests


Premium Assistance

  • Email Support
  • Phone/Zoom support if deemed necessary by Technopath

Create Your Own Package


Custom Built

  • Have a different idea of how you need help?
  • We can come up with a package that fits your needs.

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