Free and Low-Cost Training Resources


Trailhead is Salesforce’s free learning system. It is a GREAT way to get to know the platform. If you are a self-studier and want to learn Salesforce it is an ideal option. Plus you get badges and points! Once you get your certification you can add that to your profile and put a link to your trailhead profile to potential employers. It is sort of a transcript of sorts in your Salesforce education.


David Lui is a Salesforce Developer and founder of SF99. He has put together great resources on becoming a Salesforce Developer, writes blogs regularly and has developed a training course called the “APEX ACADEMY” to learn the code that Salesforce is built on. If you are interested in coding or getting some basic Salesforce exam tips…this is a GREAT resource.

Sarah Epting

Sarah Epting

Founder and Director

About the Founder & Director

With 10 years of nonprofit management and 5 years of specialized Salesforce Administrator experience, Sarah Epting leverages unprecedented knowledge of the hurdles nonprofits often face. Upon graduating from Georgia State University as an MPA in nonprofit management, she has dedicated herself to aiding nonprofits in their growth with the help of technology.

In her role as a nonprofit manager, she often encountered the same issue. Nonprofits frequently stretch their resources thin and failed to take advantage of the available technology to organize their internal systems and improve their fundraising efforts. She founded Technopath to address the gaps in the industry, leveraging her Salesforce expertise to help nonprofits further their mission.

Sarah holds 6 Salesforce certifications and is an experienced speaker, having presented at both nonprofit conventions and Salesforce events.